"My guests have been talking about your appearance for weeks.....

Thank you for making our annual conference such a success with your impersonation of Jack Sparrow. My guests loved taking pictures with you. They raved about your interactions with them. They thought you were very funny and a fantastic replica of the Captain. I appreciated your professional attitude regarding event arrangements and promptness."

-Sharon Weiss- Jacob/ Children’s Home Society of Central Florida

"I have used Gregory Thompson as Jack Sparrow at several of my corporate events. He definitely added the WOW factor with his dead on impersonation of Jack Sparrow. He has the character, voice, looks and lines down to perfection. The adults loved him, the girls swooned over him and the children were completely fooled into believing he was the real thing. He has earned a place at the top of my list!"

 -Lori O'Brien
Atlanta Special Events
Join Captain Jack Sparrow for a swashbuckling time at your next event! Greg as “Jack” is a World Class Celebrity Impersonator and has been portraying Captain Jack since the second movie came out.

His uncanny resemblance to Captain Jack is complimented by his accurate recreation of the total character, including accent, authentic costume and irresistible personality. He has entertained at numerous corporate and private events, entertaining many famous, nearly famous and not so famous people.

His Meet & Greet skills are excellent! His show and walk around schtick is completely CORPORATE FRIENDLY!
He has the moves, the swagger, the lingo, the accent, the charm and YES, he even has the compass, rum bottle and his “effects” with him at all times.

Bring along his Pirate Wenches or Band for added comedy and allure!
Inquire about their show that includes sword fighting, audience participation and of course, comedy!
Austin Powers
Comedy Actor